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What To Expect At Jurong Lake Near Lake Grande

Life is what you make it. Now that Lake Grande is here with us, it is only you who can chose to continue living a boring life, or change to the better and make your life worthwhile. The only place you can lead a life overflowing of joy is at Lake Grande. This is because next to this MCL LAND property is an awesome lake known as Jurong Lake. Once you are at this place you will believe that many waters have hidden knowledge of relaxing a human being. After visiting this Lake you can never go back the way you came. Before you underestimate the place allow me give you a hint of what to expect at Jurong Lake.

Gentle breeze

Wind may be the last thing you want to hear about. Most probably because you come from a windy place. But before you even start comparing the breeze with that hectic wind. The breeze in question is so gentle. Once you feel this wind you will want to stay there forever. And you will have no option apart from residing at Lake Grande. Because it is the only home that is near Jurong Lake.

Serene Environment

This place is tranquil. The waters around and of course the trees have brought all the difference. This environment is so romantic. It is the only place where you will feel free from trouble. At such times your mind will be so relaxed.

Exposure to the wonders of nature

The Lake is quite natural and you can be sure to see some sea animals and the big fish if you like. It will surprise you to behold the beauty of nature. And as if that is not enough expect to meet big animals like the hippopotamus. And how this animal manages to survive in the water and also in dry land is mesmerizing. You can be sure of having this and much more fun once you become a Lake Grande resident. It will offer you more than you can ever ask for.

Gems Residences Project: book your flat today to reinvent the style of living

The real estate sector is probably the most flourishing prospects in today’s world. People look forward to a better style of living but at affordable prices. Gems Residences project is a condominium coming up at the heart of Toa Payoh in Singapore. It has a twin tower of which one of them has 37 floors while the other has 38 floors.

gems residences project book flat today reinvent style living

Facts behind Gem Residences

Gems residences have been developed by Evia Real Estate Pte Ltd. This particular organization has marked its place in the Executive Condominium Marketplace in the last few years. Big names attached to a particular estate make it more reliable for the customers to go for it. Same is the case with this particular project.

Insight to Gems Residences

This particular project is one of the hottest condominiums coming up in 2016. Its strategic position is one of its biggest USPS. There are some other additional aspects that raise its share in the market. The estate consists of 578 units and another unit which includes a multi-storeyed car park. These units not only include communal but also ancillary facilities. It holds tenure of 99 years of the lease which starts from 21st Sept 2015.

The unit has the perfect blend which depicts that it has been made from the point of view of these requirements of its customers. You have almost all the favourable units to choose from. The mix includes 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 2 bedroom suites, 2 bedrooms with the dual key, 3 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms suites, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms, 6 bedrooms, etc. Each of them has some pre-specified units which add up to 578.

The location of Gem Residences in Toa Payoh had a very less exposure to residential developments. After the Oleander Tower, Trellis Tower and Trevista there has been no such high-quality real estate projects since 2009. Thus, it is one of the most important reasons behind this project being so valuable and definitely a release to watch out for in 2016.

Stars of Kovan: The best condominium to live in Singapore

You probably have heard about the exciting new launch condominium in kovan area known as the Stars of Kovan. Are you waiting to know the benefits of living in this condominium? Obviously, yes, you might be keen on it, and you should be. It is a very beautiful place as it seems like it is a dream world for an individual.

stars kovan best condominium live singapore

It is so beautiful that you can freely select any designs for your home, which will easily suit them. You can design your home as it can enhance the beauty of the condominium. Do not bother only on the residential property. You can also design your commercial unit as you want, but make sure that it looks innovative and professional.

There are numerous designs for the commercial purposes, but still, if you are confused, then you can search on the internet or else you can get in touch with the designer who designs the commercial places. So, please consider about living in the stars of Kovan because you can`t miss such kind of wonderful chance.

How can you explore the Benefits?

When you get familiar with the services, then you can easily experience it. Some of the benefits are:

  • Numerous well established Schools and colleges are nearby
  • Services like hospitals, post office, malls, grocery shops are very close to it
  • Every amenities are available, which is very needy
  • The stations and the airports are within a short distance
  • Every field of technicians is available there

There is no chance of thinking too much that it will be difficult for you to live in the stars of Kovan. If you really want to live there, then please do not waste your time in thinking about it. This luxury condominium is launching very soon, do not miss it!

Some Interesting facts on Sturdee Residences

The advancement of technology has just transformed the whole world into a Global village and no one will deny this fact. The Globalization not only increases the opportunities for business, but also increases some threats as well. The people of New York, Sydney, Cuba etc. are just in hand touch with each other as a result of such technology. This advancement has set a trend of Tourism all over the areas. So the key sector of this growing business are those areas that are rich in natural beauty as well as some pops and shows that designers develops. Malaysia, the land that may called as whole of Asia, is one the chosen land by nature that promotes and suitable for tourism. The layout and the facility of the land encourages the investor to invest in Malaysia to promote tourism and the Tourist loves to sight such site at the cost of even hundreds and thousands of dollars. This craze groomed up the business of tourism to a height that is just a place to dig owns flag. So the investors are just to earn revenue and the residential services for the habitats as well as tourist is claimed to be the best for all the time in Malaysia.

Development Details

The Singapore, famous for its location and beauty is the land that people love to travel. The Sturdee Residences has just captured the heart location of the city where the view is alluring from all the sides. The target area can enjoy the comfort and the fantastic zone at different levels and sky garden along with their own accordance to abode. The area is not just wholly customized, still there are options for the parties that either they prefer single room or two room, along with attach batch and an open kitchen or they favor to have a large apartment of three rooms facilitated with attached washrooms and a huge adorable kitchen enough to stove the meal for all. The project took about eight years and so the need to buy such property at that time will be at top as the Singapore is best suited to those who love to tour and the apartment suits them also. Visit for more information on this project.

Indulge in high class luxury living at Waterbay condo by Kingsford development

Impeccable taste, flawless planning and prompt execution have resulted in the premium apartment complex at the Waterbay condo. This is an ambitious project of the Kingsford development. It is located just next to the Punggol Park at Upper Serongoon View in District 19. This vast project covers an area of 27295 sq meters and includes nine apartment complexes. There are 1165 apartments ranging from one to five bedrooms as well as a few two storey strata terrace. Above all, the tranquil atmosphere and a sense of quiet elegance are the greatest assets of the project. You can live the good life and enjoy your health as well as modern amenities at this Waterbay condo.

indulge in high class luxury living at waterbay condo by kingsford development

Kingsford development is a well known name. You can be sure of a very classy place when you are looking at any project developed by them. This Waterbay condo is no exception. Its location, the hushed elegance and the numerous amenities spell high class living for you.

In addition to the proximity to nature which you enjoy because of the Punggol Park, there is no lack of sophisticated entertainment in and around the complex. Avail common facilities like the barbecue pit and the Jacuzzi to indulge yourself or get a game of tennis in the court provided within the complex. You can visit any of the several trendy malls located within a radius of two kilometers from the complex. The new Waterway Point mega mall which is scheduled to open in 2015 can be you new destination for entertainment. In addition to all the designer brands, this mall will have fine dining and a multiplex with 1000 seats.

So, if you wish to enjoy a true high class luxury living in the lap of nature, check out the Waterbay condo at Upper Serangoon View.

Latest condominium project in clean Singapore

Singapore is well-known for keeping cities which aren’t just clean, nicely organized and managed. That’s the reason we regularly get overly see ‘intelligent’ cities with special characteristics that are intelligent, and such cities invite in visitors to relish their stay within.

latest condominium project in clean singapore

Sims Urban Oasis is an exceptional new private condominium, which will be under construction now, but shortly will soon be finished. It’s anticipated to be complete in 2018. The condominium project is developed with characteristics to ensure folks appreciate quality living and residing here can have a distinctive lifestyle, with all luxury comforts. The residents can own it, as a leasehold condominium. That’s nothing less than possessing the house yourself.

This new launch condominium can be found at Sims drive, among the simply linked and very refined places of the isle. This amazing project’s place is really in District 14. But the place is superb, as it’s well linked to town. It is very near the interchange station, stations that are as significant are close by. Therefore, connectivity isn’t an issue in any way.

The development is going exceptionally well, and the project is on schedule. The features of this job are what are creating hype about it. The buzz along with the hype got enhanced when interest was asked by the developers from future residents with this endeavor. This excellent job that is world class is being developed by Guocoland, among the elite and extremely well-known developers of Singapore.

Enjoy your stay at Northpark Residence Singapore

Nearly every person nurtures a vision of living at a good-furnished resort where services are supplied for fair cost. Northpark Residence Singapore satisfies conditions without extending their wallet and yet caters to all individual needs. When you reserve these suites, you’ll find them exceptionally decorated as well as the arrangement of the space is not any doubt sophistication and classy. If the pull over couch all or the bedding arrangement are taking marks of extravagance and refinement. You may find a way to find out the outdoor view from your area and admire the superiority that is natural. Now people are choosing much interest in their own hostel and symphony suite will undoubtedly go nicely using their taste.

enjoy your stay at northpark residence singapore

Plenty of services are given to keeping fundamental comforts like offering finest dining experience, from housekeeping. Lodgings readily available for all these suites are very roomy and you’ll appreciate staying there. 24 hours front desk will help you in the event you notice any kind of snag. In every room, there’s mini bar and a refrigerator where you are able to keep drink and the food safe all day. There’s free valet parking availability so if you’re availing any automobile like hiring one or bringing your own, you then can. There are fitness centers, resorts, library readily available.