Living in the lap of luxury in a Singapore Beach Condo

The city state of Singapore is one of the most progressive and developed countries not only in Asia but also globally. With rising disposable incomes and exposure to high standards of living, folks are quite keen on enjoying the best in accommodation as well as lifestyles that money can buy. One of the best options in residential accommodation happens to be luxury condos which distinguished buyers are increasingly appreciating.

living in the lap of luxury in a singapore beach condo

Beach condos for luxurious living

Beach condos set the benchmark for not only comfort but high-end luxurious living around the globe. Everything about these condos is distinct and distinguished right from the location, the superb quality of construction and the exquisite amenities that condos afford. Imagine waking up in your condo to the sight of the early morning sunrise and you get an idea of the enrapturing pleasures that are in store for beach condo owners. The interiors of the condos reflect the distinctive taste and super luxury status of condo residents even as no expense is spared to ensure that everything is nothing less than ‘top of the line’. From private swimming pools to state of the art gadgets and super luxury fittings, these condos quite set the benchmark in comfort and style.

Info on beach condos

Beach condos will provide you with the latest in luxury living that money can buy. The South beach condo in Singapore is some of the finest specimens in modern accommodation in the island city. You can get a lot of info on these residences online and considering the fact that one would be required a considerable amount of money on purchasing a condo, it makes a lot of sense to do the groundwork properly before closing in on a condo deal. Doing homework before any purchase is advisable and when it comes to condos the states are indeed much bigger.

Bellewaters Offers To Take You To Your Dream Home Today

Singaporeans want to live in an inclusive society, which takes care of all its members, whether they are ultra rich or not. Bellewaters Anchorvale in suburban Singapore wants to create living opportunities for all. Your family circle maybe single, nuclear or you may be living in an extended family everyone desires a safe and comfortable living environment. Again, you may be working as an inspiring school teacher, an innovative engineer or a busy businessman, everybody deserves a dream home.

bellewaters offers to take you to your dream home today

An opportunity for all

Keeping this spirit in mind, whether you are already living at Anchorvale, or planning on buying an EC, in or around Bellewaters Anchorvale, this area of Singapore offers many options. Right from 2001, when several housing estates were offered up to the community by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in 2001 at Anchorvale, Singaporeans have been enjoying this peaceful neighbourhood. Bellewaters has always been known for quality housing projects and offers the highest standards, while trying to be accessible to all Singaporeans. In its upcoming projects

Modern life nestled in nature

Bellewaters Anchorvale offers the best of both worlds, so it wants you to savour the peace and calm and greenery of a suburban neighborhood and also be well connected to the city centre. This will be possible with Bellewaters Anchorvale as this area has a well developed public transport system. So, even as residents of upcoming EC projects at Bellewaters Anchorvale enjoy the Punggol Waterfront, homeowners will still be able to send their children to school and reach their offices conveniently. There are quite a few prestigious schools and large shopping malls close by so a family home in Executive Condos in Bellewaters Anchorvale, could be that dream home that you have been looking out for.

City Living At Its Best The Way It Should Be

The Marine Blue by Capitaland is among the latest freehold condominium launched in the East Coast, and recently new residential condo, Amber Skye is worthy of ideal city lifestyle. The construction is at its full-blast at Amber Road and Tanjong Katong intersection. The said condominium is rising in the neighborhood with other first-class condos such as Marine Blue Condo, residential estates and other leisure destinations. This is a model location in cultivating city living lifestyle.

city living at its best the way it should be

Marine Blue Singapore Condo offers 124 units for great city living at Marine Parade, while Amber Sky will provide 109 lavish homes peering out in the vicinity of Tanjong Katong Estate as well as the dazzling waters of Singapore Strait. Accordingly, the building when completed is a spectacular edifice having graceful lines, which will echo the sound of the waves of the sea nearby. The intention of different designs of units is intended in meeting the needs of diverse city lifestyle.

Experience city living the way that it should be such as waking up every morning fully revitalized with the assurance that everything you need is within your reach. Getting the essential need is just basic; you are near the establishments that provide pleasure and life pampering experience, including destinations that will satisfy your vanities.

If you are working in the nearby central business district, you can easily get to work within fifteen minutes driving to and from the office. The Marina Bay is very accessible as well as the Changi Airport and Changi Business Park. Actually, you can travel anywhere easily on the island because Tanjong Katong Road and Amber Road are connected in major thoroughfares such as the Still Road, East Coast Parkway, Mountbatten Road and Pan Island Expressway. Residing in Marine Blue Condo, Amber Skye and other luxury condos in the East Coast is the best way of city living in Singapore.

The facts about Highline Residences in Singapore

Singapore maybe a small place but it occupies a very important place in the map. In the recent years Singapore has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in every industrial sector and the real estate sector is no exception. The real estate sector has experienced a tremendous growth over the years; the city has witnessed a drastic increase in the number of Highline Residences price. These residences usually consist of apartments and they are available in different types, sizes and price ranges all over the city. If you are very interested in buying an apartment in such residencies then you have to get in touch with relocation managers and property agents who are employed by well known property companies. These agents usually have all the information regarding some of the best properties within the city.

the facts about highline residences in singapore

If you are keen on buying luxury apartments in Singapore then it is needless to say that you have a very liberal budget. So you can actually buy apartments in localities like Sentosa, Orchard roads or Keppel Bay. The apartments in these localities are very expensive but they provide you the best amenities that money can fetch you. However before you go out and buy an apartment in the Highline condo in Singapore you must evaluate your requirement. If you have big family then you may have to buy a spacious apartment with at least 3 bedrooms if not four. If you are going to live by yourself then you can buy a two bedroom flat. Now it is no secret that Singapore is an expensive city so you really have to work out a budget before buying a flat. If you want to enjoy services like elevators, swimming pools, clubs, lobbies and parking spaces then you can simply buy a condo in Highline Residences in Singapore. A condo is available in reasonable prices and at the same time you can enjoy fabulous facilities.

Lakeville- a perfect home at an unbelievable destination

Unlimited fun, wonderful recreational places and best in class shopping facilities is what you get with every condo you invest in at Lakeville. Lakeville condo Singapore is an upcoming luxury project with best in class amenities designed to give you comforts that you desire for. At Lakeville, your children can discover their childhood which seems to have lost in today’s urbanised world. Yes, your children get to spend time around the green environs of Jurong Lake and also play areas where they can get as naughty as they can without being reprimanded.

lakeville a perfect home at an unbelievable destination

Unleash yourself at Lakeville:

Yes, at Lakeville condo Singapore you do not have to bind yourself. You can rediscover a new you within yourself. These condos are spacious, but the area around it is more wonderful. Lakeville understands your desires and to make you feel special it has come up with unique ideas of aqua gym and water sports areas where you can forget your inhibitions and enjoy within the comfort of Lakeville.

Lakeville- a city:

You can call Lakeville condo Singapore a city in itself. Sharing the famous Jurong Lake with rest of Singapore, this world offers you school, colleges and shopping places all at close proximity. Your kids do not have to travel long distances and you don’t have to go out of Lakeville just for shopping. Lakeville offers you everything at your doorstep.

Lakeville is coming up in the posh localities of Jurong Lake and is up for grabs for a limited time period. The project is a major one offering 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom apartments at a fancy price. These private condos are spacious and some have the exclusive view of the lake which you can boast of. Visit the website for more details about the areas and the floor plan. Call the representatives today and book your appointment for a site visit.

The Santorini: A Luxurious Haven from the City Rush

The Santorini is a newly launched condominium which has been developed by MCC Land, a reputed Singapore firm. The condos are located between the Tampines Avenue 10 and the Tampines Street 86. The condominium which is slated to have a total of 597 units with an expansive selection from 1 to 5 bedroom condos offers fully functional facilities such as basement, parking, playground, reading room, Jacuzzi, gymnasium, hydrotherapy mattresses and baths. Apart from this, the whole area is a natural marvel located amidst the lush, green surroundings of the island. The glistening water body at Tampines Quarry Park compliments and adds to the beauty of the condos.

the santorini a luxurious haven from the city rush

The location of the condo

The Santorini condo is located expediently in close proximity to various modern conveniences such as Gaint Supermarket, Courts Megastore, IKEA and Singapore Expo. The city is a mere 30 minute car drive from the establishment. All the major retail stores, recreational hubs and entertainment facilities are located at short distances from the condos. The residents can benefit from the easy accessibility of major arterial expressways and roads including Pan Island Expressway and Tampines Expressway. The ride is smooth with gentle sea breeze always by your side. The condominium which has all basic amenities proudly boasts to be in the location of top schools and colleges such as St. Hilda’s Primary and Secondary School.

Luxury with style and comfort

The Greek-themed project offers these condos which are perfect abodes. The beaches have pearly white sands lined with sparkling water to light up your day. The Santorini Condo, Singapore is the best retreat from the rush of the busy city life. The landscape has been developed by ONG&ONG Landscape. This is a leading design which offers unmatched reputation for building tasteful residential societies which offer hospitality at its best. The condos fulfil the dreams of all home owners and are complete with petite garden pockets and lawns resplendent with cool soothing waters.

The Santorini Condo is located in a private enclave that is surrounded by the peaceful sounds of Bedok Reservoir, Quarry Park and Tampines. The soft, lapping waves of the ocean offer gentle lullaby to the residents. The island is home to bounties of nature. There is sweet symphony of the wildlife. The residents can experience magnificent sunrise from the zenith yonder atop the spacious balconies. Moreover, the Bodek Reservoir offers sufficient space for long strolls in the woods. The visitors can take the MRT station to get to the city which is nearby. Also, the up and coming Town Hub proudly boasts of Bowling Alley, Cinema, Community Club, Astro-turf soccer pitch and restaurants.

To sum up, the Santorini, Singapore is your haven to rejuvenate after long years of work. It is also your dream home to raise your kids in the beauty of nature and wildlife, close to their heart. Whether you are single, professional or a family person, these condos are your perfect choices for a prosperous tomorrow.

Benefits for the residents staying in Commonwealth Towers

The people can enjoy lot of benefits when they stay in a residential complex. The builders have built innumerable individual houses as well as residential complexes throughout the country the reputed builders of Commonwealth Towers have constant business in the real estate field. They have been constructing the projects not only houses and residential complexes they have been also assigned major projects like building of dams, bridges, expansion of airport premises redesigning the bus terminus etc., throughout the Singapore.

benefits for the residents staying in commonwealth towers

Avail work opportunity anywhere in Singapore and earn adequately

Singapore is a wonderful place for the tourists and for business people all over the world. Due to the hard efforts and preplanned execution of the great leader, Mr. Lee Singapore is improving day by day towards top of the world in all fields. Especially the real estate field has grown up tremendously giving place for many business people in the world. Hence there is always work for everyone and opportunity to earn income through various sources.

The constructors use modern technology in building designing

The modern designing technology is far different from the conventional building technology. The civil engineers learn many advanced technical methods in building plans, blue prints and structures in their course studies. After getting the work, they use their technical knowledge in processing the building projects. They get good name from the house owners and from the construction authorities. The occupants have all sorts of facilities with the modern technological methods used in the building projects. The civil engineers working with the Commonwealth Towers builders have the technical knowledge to take up the work in suitable manner and to process the work according to the rules and regulations of the real estate authorities related to their work field. The buildings are built with the high-tech modern designs in the whole space.